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29 new flicks in walls, freights, and bombs, thanks to those that sent flicks. peace.
small update. four new blt flicks, in walls. and a new link below. peace.
36 new flicks, fr8s, walls, bombs, sketches. enjoy.
about 24 flicks, mostly in freights, 1 sketch, a bunch of walls.
a small update, 7 relm flicks in fr8s and walls. 50 flick update coming soon. peace.
another update, about 52 flicks, in bombs, blackbook, freights, walls, and a new section other cities. some flicks taken from me, some sent in, peace and thanks to own for tons of flicks, peace.
my email address has changed. if you sent an email to me in the last 2 mos and didnt get a reply, then email me again at dilatedaerosol@hotmail.com
i deleted the message board because it was bullshit, i made it so there could be communication through everybody and to post flicks, none of that came from it. there was hundreds of meaningless posts. also beantowngraff2000.tripod.com is not in anyway involved with my site, those flicks were not taken with permission. peace. any questions, you can email me dilatedaerosol@hotmail.com

alright...finnnally i am updating its been a long time. 80 new flicks, a bunch in freights, a bunch in bombs, but the most in walls. some wicked nice stuff, happy thanksgiving and peace.

added 5 new flicks, four in walls, 1 in bombs. peace.

one new flick in walls

the much requested message board is here, its not the best, but you can post flicks and messsages, so have fun. also, 3 new flicks.

sorry for the long unupdated page, so heres some walls, sketches and one truck. peace.

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